The country of Noryn has been part of the world war ever since Princess Corinne Kinroth can remember. And though she has seen her father lead their nation with skill and tact, she can’t deny her calling to become the next heir and finish what her father started. However, the expectation is that she would marry a leader, not become one. She is willing to fight every obstacle and every suitor at her door until she is named as the rightful heir. But as tragedy hits the heart of the country she loves, she realizes that something extraordinary is needed to stop the enemy once and for all. 


    A mission from a mysterious woman pulls Corinne further from the Crown and places her on a new journey across the continent to find the remaining founding members of the ancient, almost forgotten, art of Elemental Wielding. She will navigate through high society life, forbidden romances, hidden secrets, and more as the tides of war draw her closer to her true destiny. 

Noryn's Legend is a historical fiction fantasy series. 

Available as paperback and on Kindle!

Jenny Balagna, raised in the small town of Havana, Illinois, currently lives in Longmont, CO with her wonderful musician boyfriend, Tim, and their two amazing cats, Simon and Mipso. When she's not writing, editing, and creating, she's serving coffee to the local community or freelancing as a graphic designer. And if she's not doing any of those things, she's probably binge watching the Office at home.

     While getting her bachelor's at Lincoln Christian University and building her career, she's been busy writing a story that has lived with her since her high school years. As her career path changed, she decided to turn this hobby into a finished, self-published, book to share with the world. This is her first novel.

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